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The misterious Injaculation

This article is mainly for men, although it won't hurt that women read this, if only to get their partners to read it too. :)

Well, it seems that in the post about the uses of the Kegel exercises I forgot to explain how a man can save up some tissues by learning how to Injaculate.

Let's first start with the technique and later on pick up on the many advantages.

In case you have been doing your Kegels for some time now, this technique will be relatively easy. When you feel that you have reached your Point of No Return (tm) and you are about to ejaculate, contract your PC muscle as hard as you can and keep it contracted. You will feel the normal ejaculation contractions but... nothing will come out. It's enough to keep the contraction for the 8 to 10 seconds the average man takes to ejaculate and you're all done!

If you get some prostate fluid or even some sperm it only means that you must Kegel your PC muscle some more.

Now, what is happening down there? According to the Tantrists and Taoists, your body is reabsorbing and recycling the sperm, allowing you not to waste away your vital energy (prana, chi, mana, you name it) that they state is lost in each ejaculation. According to the western medicine, you are in reality ejaculating into your bladder, as you may confirm by the cloudy look of your urine next time you take a leak.

Other than the obvious advantages in all the situations in which leaking some mililiters of a slimy liquid that stains dresses of White House trainees and is easy to smell is not advisable, there is an additional advantage. It may be a merely psychological matter, as from a physiological point of view it is hard to find a reason, but effectively when you Injaculate there is a much smaller loss of vitality and your refractory period (the in between time, if you may) is considerably shortened. So it is a ver advisable practice for sexual marathons and in every other occasion in which a loss of vitality is not warranted.

Personally I use this technique only in very specific situations. After all, falling down exhausted next to your partner feels so good... :)

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